Campaign launched to celebrate our claret and blue heroes

West Ham has a rich history and now Tim Crane explains why he thinks there needs to be a Hall of Fame

We are a mature football club with a 127 year heritage – isn’t it time we had a West Ham Hall of Fame? We have captured the imagination, heart and loyalty of supporters the world over through five generations.

We were the first to grace Wembley Stadium back in 1923, the very year in which our roots as a small works team blossomed into promotion to the top flight. We have taken our brand of football overseas, won the War Cup and gained international caps for our players across five continents.

We have conquered Europe, won our fair share of magnificent FA Cup trophies and cultivated World Cup winners. We have produced England’s only World Cup winning captain, the world’s only World Cup final hat-trick scoring striker and, along with Martin Peters, we stand as the club with England’s most World Cup winners’ medals.

We have hosted Kings and Queens, lost players to war, disease and tragedy and pioneered both youth development and diversity and Inclusion across all races and creeds. We are West Ham United and our history is rich, robust and proud. We are West Ham but we do not have a Hall of Fame.  

Why don’t we have a Hall of Fame? I am reaching out to like minded souls to start a discussion on the establishment of a Hall of Fame for our club. I believe we need to have West Ham-supporting Trustees who will elect members to the Hall of Fame each year.

Who can enter the Hall of Fame? Any West Ham player, manager or personnel from 1895 to current day with induction to the Hall of Fame being based on their record, integrity, sportsmanship, character, and contribution to West Ham.

There will be automatic election to the Hall of Fame for all major cup winners, players will 500+ appearances along with players with 100+ goals and 100+ clean sheets. A player will become eligible for being inducted into the Hall of Fame five years after leaving West Ham, and Trustees will deliberate on potential new members every year on March 12.

We’ll then have a vote and any player receiving more than 80% of the votes will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. We’ll then have an annual Hall of Fame dinner where we will celebrate all new inductees.

We are looking for knowledgeable West Ham supporters with a deep affection for the club’s history.   Register your interest by emailing me at: or by phone on 07798934824.

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