Claret&Hugh: Love him or hate him, Moyes needs longer to get us firing again

After Leicester beat us, the board may well be looking around and I won't be blaming them

David Moyes (West Ham manager) Steven Gerrard (Aston Villa manager) at the Aston Villa v West Ham United EPL match, at Villa Park, Birmingham, UK on August 28, 2022.

David Moyes has now become the latest Marmite figure at West Ham. He’s admired by many and believed to be past his London Stadium sell-by-date by almost similar numbers.

It’s always the discontented who make the most noise but that’s probably understandable given that we had lost eight games this season before Leicester City’s visit. Cries for his sacking – already being heard on the CandH forums in growing numbers – have been getting louder and louder.

The pro Moyes lobby argue, of course, that after two fine seasons and new signings still needing to settle in, the guy has to be given longer. Both points of view are perfectly reasonable although it needs to be remembered that this isn’t merely a 22/23 season issue but started back last March when during the last 11 Premier League games we won just four.

So the facts are these: This season, with several new summer signings involved, we have beaten Villa away, Wolves at home, Fulham and Bournemouth also at home. The draws have come against Spurs and Southampton and the eight defeats to Man City, Nottingham Forest, Brighton, Chelsea, Everton Liverpool, Man United and Palace.

Last season our wins came against mediocre opposition in the shape of Wolves, Everton, Villa and eventually relegated Norwich City. Among the defeats were those against Liverpool, Spurs, Brentford, Chelsea, Arsenal and Brighton.

Add to this that we have been so slow starting in most games, Moyes has chosen to play up to eight defensive players if we include the goalkeeper, and relying on one up whilst making substitutions at much the same time every game and the situation certainly becomes troubling.

The board are choosing to stand by the manager for now with one source having told ClaretandHugh that he must be given the chance to let his signings prove themselves. OK that probably has to be acceptable although personally I’m not sure whether I see signs of a Moyes Plan B, seeing instead teams becoming very used to the style we play under him and finding various ways through it.

With the ‘Qatar-strophe’ about to get underway for a month, we may all be asking big questions which have no answers and suffering the sort of anxieties with which we have become so familiar down the years. After Leicester beat us, the board may well be looking around and I won’t be blaming them.

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