‘Their amazing work is changing the lives of West Ham fans’

Hammers For Work have helped more than 120 men and women secure employment but they aren't finished yet

When I first heard about Hammers For Work I was blown away by the amazing work they do to support families and friends. Danny Panrucker initially started this group and asked Neil Taylor to help him run the page. This group was primarily set up in summer 2020 during the pandemic crisis to help hammers, families and friends that were in need of a bit of help in and around London.  

As we all know COVID was a tough time for many people leaving some lonely and isolated from the ‘real world’. The aim back in 2020 was to use social media to their advantage and connect West Ham fans to one another during this tough time for some help or a friendly chat.

The group quickly expanded and became more than a place to go for a chat. People started to post job opportunities on the page and this is where we, as West Ham fans, lived up to what we are renowned for, which is helping each other out.  From this point onwards Danny and Neil decided to change the name of the group to ‘Hammers For Work and Support’ with the word support being the main ethos of the group.

Since the change of name more businesses joined the group and they started seeing results with both men and women from young through to mature having secured employment. Some 120 Hammers and family members have secured employment so far and many businesses have succeeded to fill vacancies from posting and advertising on the group.

The group is especially keen to help youth gain employment and also help youth clubs. Hammers For Work have raised money for Newham Boxing Club enabling them to continue  operating.

Another youth club they have helped financially is Footstepz Academy in Stratford where they coach boys and girls in football. But Hammers For Work is not a registered charity, they support charities with a West Ham connection.

In addition to all of the above, Hammers For Work have donated hundreds of tickets to various events free of charge, enabling single parents and their siblings to attend games. Last season the group admins paid for 50 tickets so fans could watch West Ham v Frankfurt at the VUE cinema in Romford all free of charge.

Anyone who contacts Neil or any of the admins is never ignored and they respond to all requests. And if they can’t help with a request they will try their very best to find someone who can.  

On the page they have a mental health advocate and to date over 40 people have sought support. Hammers For Work have had endorsements and plaudits by ex-West Ham players and West Ham celebrity fans.  

The group has now grown to almost 16,000 members and is rising across social media.  To join Hammers For Work costs nothing, the services they provide from free CV writing, employment advice, and job notices costs nothing.  

I would like to thank Neil, Danny and everyone involved at Hammers For Work. I found out about Hammers For Work around the start of last season and I’m super proud and honoured to have them part of the Hammers family. 

If you would like to join Hammers For Work and support please type ‘Hammers4work’ into Facebook alternatively if you do not have Facebook, you can find them on Twitter under the same name. On behalf of everyone at Blowing Bubbles, we wish them every success for the future.

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