‘He’s been starved of service but Scamacca’s been lazy too’

The Italian is highly regarded back home but still hasn't reached the levels required for a £30m striker

Gianluca Scamacca (WHU) at the West Ham United v Leicester City EPL match, at the London Stadium, London, UK on November 12, 2022.

Our giant of an Italian striker hasn’t had an easy start since joining West Ham. With a few little injuries here and there, and the goals not exactly flowing, we all are starting to wonder if he will become Haller 2.0.

In his home country, he has been labelled as the ‘Italian Ibrahimovic’ due to his similarities to the Sweden legend in terms of size and style of play.  I’m yet to see this with my own eyes but I know that there is a really good player in him, I just don’t think Moyes knows how to play with a proper striker.  

With Scamacca being Italy’s first choice striker, you’d like to think that we’ve struck gold with securing him. Well if that hasn’t convinced you, we also were fighting to sign him against PSG. For just over £30 million pounds we signed Scamacca, and at the moment he’s only been worth half of the money.

I don’t like to give players that much stick until they’ve been with us for over a season. I can’t help but think that we’ve got a lot of talent in Scamacca but to me, we just tell him every week to stand up front and score.

Instead of doing that we should be encouraging him to chase down the ball more and be more active in the game. Since we’ve started the season again, I always walk away from the game thinking how many touches did Scamacca have? Why is he not getting the ball?

Is it because he’s hiding behind the defence or is it because we don’t seem to have much possession to give it to him? There have been times in matches where he’s not been switched on – in other words being lazy.

When you watch the likes of a top striker such as Ivan Toney it’s amazing how the whole Brentford team sprint up the pitch to give him options and support. No matter who has the ball upfront whether it’s Antonio, Bowen, Scamacca there are no options for the players other than to take on the man in front or pass backwards which frustrates everyone.

I’m not sure whether that’s down to the team being lazy to run up the pitch to help each other out or managerial tactics – I’d like to think it’s the manager here. West Ham are known to have a striker’s curse. Sometimes players just don’t fit our system like Haller and I think every fan at West Ham gained a lot of respect for him since he came out and said lovely things about the club when he departed.

That’s part and parcel of players’ lives, sometimes they work out, sometimes they don’t. Surely we can’t be this unlucky with strikers though and not find one that scores goals?

Fifteen appearances so far with only three goals. No striker should be like that, especially Italy’s star boy.   As West Ham fans, we know the deal when it comes to strikers. We’re not pressuring Scamacca, and I will give him the time that he needs to settle down in England as it’s a big change for a 24-year-old to move countries to pursue their career.

All we ask for is that he gives 100% every week. He can do it and I’ve seen glimpses of where he does but I can’t keep on seeing little bits here and there. I need to see it all in one game!  I understand it takes time to settle into a new country and club – it doesn’t help that the World Cup stopped the season for a month but I am sure he can get into a rhythm soon.

Remarkably, Scamacca has been the first time the club has signed a striker since 2019. A striker that us fans were crying out for. It’s felt like an eternity.  I hope we can soon see more of who he is as a player soon and I hope he doesn’t become a Haller 2.0. A few goals in the next coming games would be ideal.

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