Opposition View: ‘With the start we’ve had, of course top four is achievable for Newcastle’

We caught up with Newcastle fan James Oliver ahead of our Premier League clash

The Magpies are flying high in the table so far this season. Thoughts on how well you’re doing? 

We’re doing very well this season. No one expected to see us there and, in truth, we are doing so much better than I thought we would be at the start of the season 

Who’s been your stand out player this season?

Stand out for me is definitely Sven Botman. He’s played 19 games in black and white and not lost one. Arguably the best centre back in the league.

Are you surprised at how well Eddie Howe has done since being in the job? 

I wasn’t surprised at all when he first came in. We were second bottom in a big relegation battle and, for Newcastle, that isn’t good enough. When he took over the media and pundits had their say, and he’s proved them all wrong by leading us into the top four this season..

Is Eddie Howe really the man behind your success so far or is it the owners? Can you see him staying long term?

I would say it’s 70/30 (Eddie/Owners). When the owners came in, it was a big talking point, getting linked to players left right and centre. Eddie and his team ignored it all and did their job. They bought the right players who want to play for the club and you can see that on the pitch. I’d love for Eddie to stay, and the rest of his team, to hopefully lead him to be the first English manager to win the Premier League.

Is finishing in the top four achievable for you this season or winning one of the cups? 

With the start we’ve had, of course top four is achievable, I’d love us to finish there but there’s still a long still to go. For the cups we’re still going strong in the league cup, Leicester next and hopefully a repeat of Boxing Day. If we get past them then I’ll be filled with confidence to win it.

There are rumours flying around about Ronaldo joining Newcastle. Would you like to see him at the club?

I wouldn’t want him here at Newcastle. Whenever pundits or the media talk about us with Ronaldo, it’s always Ronaldo this Ronaldo that and I don’t want to hear it.

Score predictions for your game against West Ham?

3-1 Newcastle 

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