‘Oh how much I love see us stick it to Spurs and Chelsea’

Results against our north and west London rivals can dramatically enhance our moods for days

When it comes to the London clubs and rivalry, I bring out a side to myself that I never knew I had. The hatred, the anger and my mood for the rest of the weekend and week is all dependent on the result when we play Tottenham and Chelsea.

I’ve always been brought up to not like both. The rule in my household is to never bring a Tottenham or Chelsea boy back home. Over the years I have developed a really strong hatred for Liverpool, which is a bit wild considering they aren’t rivals.

When I was at school, everyone either supported Manchester United or Liverpool, but  for some reason I just can’t stand Liverpool. They are nearly on par with my feelings towards Tottenham and Chelsea fans. Chelsea’s season so far has been very weird. Sacking Tuchel was the start of the downfall.

Even though Tuchel wasn’t getting the results, I think the board thought that if you aren’t getting results it should lead to a sacking. In some cases, I completely understand and would tend to agree. However, after the success of Tuchel from winning the Champions League the season before, I think it was an odd decision.

Then to bring in Graham Potter who doesn’t have any experience in Champions League football was a bold move. Sometimes it’s not the manager and it’s actually the players on the pitch that need to work harder. I am enjoying watching them not do very well this season though.

Tottenham’s season on the other hand has been the usual. They go through phases of doing really well then back to not being so great. A phrase I love to hear and see flying around on social media is ‘Spursy’ and that’s the best way to describe their season.

They should be getting results from games against Forest and Villa but credit where credit is due to the clubs who were able to break them down. Since the appointment of Conte, they have been a second half team. They only perform well in the second half (except their recent game against City but that was funny).

I just really hope we can get a result against them when we head to White Hart Lane. Conte will leave Tottenham before Tottenham ask Conte to leave. As much as I dislike him, he is a great manager with amazing experience so when I heard he was Spurs’ new manager, it made me dislike him even more.

Spurs will always be Spurs with the last trophy they won being back in 2008. They have a world class striker but they will never beat the likes of Manchester City to top spot of the Premier League as they have world class players in every position – even their bench is an actual joke.

Potter, on the other hand, I can actually see him being sacked by Chelsea. I really like Potter. The way he improved Brighton over the years was great to see. I think the boots were too big to fill and the club is maybe a bit too big for him.

Wouldn’t say no to taking him at West Ham though. The last time we faced Chelsea was at Stamford Bridge earlier this season where my frustration really showed how much I hate Chelsea and VAR.

Mendy clearly was cheating the whole time he was down. It really shows that when you manage to break these teams down, they can cheat their way out of you winning. It’s moments exactly like that where you are at the game and you go through the whole celebration feeling for VAR to take that away from you.

That was a pathetic decision and it really showed if you didn’t know already the top six run the game not the officials. When we faced Tottenham at the London Stadium, we also experienced another VAR call which actually went our way. The ball got headed from Harry Kane onto Cresswell where it hit his head.

Although this decision went our way it still took far too long for VAR to come to a conclusion even though it was very clear it hit his head.

I really hope we can get a result from both these fixtures. I understand we haven’t been performing great and are struggling in front of goal. But we need to win to help us get away from the relegation zone and most importantly to not ruin my mood for the foreseeable week ahead!

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