‘We’ve been subjected to plenty of dire games under Moyes’

Let's not forget that the Scot's time managing West Ham hasn't always been sunshine and rainbows

David Moyes (West Ham manager) at the West Ham United v Chelsea EPL match, at the London Stadium, London, UK on February 11, 2023.

It still feels like dark days ahead for us and I cannot help but feel that David Moyes has run his course. In my eyes by the time you read this, he should be gone but then I am biased as I was never a fan.

I never wanted him the first time around and I certainly didn’t want him back. I have to admit that he has done well, saving us from relegation twice and taking us on a European journey. But I can point at several instances where his negative and predictable tactics have led to me walking away from games dispirited and wondering why I made that long journey to the game.

I know that I will be criticised heavily and no doubt some will point to that glorious night against Seville. But those rose tinted glass wearers just may have forgotten those dire times that we have been subjected to during his time in charge.

The first game I want to remind those Moyes fans about is a certain game that was held in Worcestershire when we took on the mighty Kidderminster Harriers. As usual I was in the crowd that day when we were just two minutes away from being knocked out of the FA Cup only to be rescued in regulation time by Declan.

And just when we all thought we were going to be subjected to penalties, Bowen broke Kidderminster hearts. I felt so sorry for the Harriers fans that day, they were robbed. It was simply an awful performance and one to forget, sadly I can’t, which brings me on to my next Moyes non masterclass and a visit to Wales.

How many of you have put to the back of your mind our trip to Swansea back in March 2018? A game which saw us travel to the Liberty Stadium in snowy conditions.

It was a disaster masterclass with Swansea coming away with a 4-1 win but that result hides the abject performance. Swansea scored from two corner kicks and a throw-in. It was a terrible defensive performance made worse by the fact that Winston Reid was knocked unconscious, fortunately he recovered, and we had to sustain ten minutes of added time.

Everyone remembers Moyes comments a few years later that winning is what he does but it wasn’t on that day. Even the Moyesiah had to admit in his post match comments that, and I quote: ‘We let them (supporters) down badly…. And it was certainly the worst performance since I’ve been at West Ham.’  

For Moyes to put down his rose tinted glasses shows just how bad we were that day. There was more to come and just a week after that Swansea defeat, we took on the might of Burnley, which will always be remembered as one of the darkest days we have witnessed at the rented stadium.

We had pitch invasions, Mark Noble manhandling a fan, supporters attempting to storm the owners’ box and on the field, an abject performance which saw us lose 3-0 to a relegation rival. It was a shocking performance, both on the field and off, and one that will never be forgotten.

After that game in the eyes of several supporters, our captain Mark Noble will never be forgiven, and it also altered the configuration on the rented stadium, isolating certain blocks from mingling with others. Those supporters left in the old blocks 112 to 114 were now like Berlin during the Cold War isolated from the rest of the fan base.

Of course there was always going to be some trouble but thanks to that on field performance it made it easy for the anti-board brigade.   I’ll go on. Anyone remember another FA Cup exit, this one against mighty West Brom managed then by our ex manager Slaven Bilic?

We were so poor that those left in the stand booed the team off at half time, not something I condone.   It was a game so bad that even Moyes stated he would have made more than three changes at half time if he could.

It was a game so bad that West Brom even had a player sent off but that had little effect on our performance as even with 10 men, the team from the Midlands were by far the better side, yet another game to forget me thinks.

I could go on as for every Lyon away, you can find an abject performance under Moyes managerial time at the club. Moyes is a manager that cannot adapt. If his game plan isn’t working, he struggles to change it.

Brentford just a few weeks ago is a prime example. I know that the Moyes supporters out there will slam my opinions but I’ll leave you with these statistics. We all remember the great European adventure in 2022 but in the games played, in all competitions,we won 23 but lost 25 and had eight draws.

That’s a 45 percent record, in the words of Oasis, some may say that it’s not a bad record. But let’s not forget that those fabulous wins against Lyon and Seville ultimately led to us failing miserably against Frankfurt.  

It’s the Moyes way and I could go on but maybe Moyes isn’t to blame and this is just the West Ham Way. But it’s a fact that we need some form of change otherwise we could all be going on a Championship tour.

With David Moyes in charge, I look forward to more of the inconsistency of performances that seems to represent his managerial reign at the Hammers.

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