George Parris: ‘Dawson and Randolph are gone, Ings is in and Antonio is staying – for now!’

Only time will tell if the signing of Danny Ings was a gamble that's paid off

With Scamacca injured and Antonio’s future up in the air, Moyes clearly felt like he had to move to sign another striker before the January transfer window shut. Only time will tell if the signing of Danny Ings was a gamble that’s paid off but it was so typical of our luck with strikers that he was injured on his debut.

If he comes back into the side and scores a couple of winning goals, and we stay up then it will be seen as a great move. But if he doesn’t have any impact for us because he’s not played or doesn’t get too many minutes, then it might be seen as a gamble that hasn’t paid off.

Certainly, on paper, with what he’s done before, if we create the chances, he’ll score. You really do have to take a chance on strikers because they are the ones who will win you games but only time will tell.

As for Antonio, it’s a really tricky situation. Every player is up for grabs whether they are on a long-term contract or not. I guess it’s just whether you have to be so public about it or not. It doesn’t always work out that players can manufacture a move.

It worked out OK for Trossard who has now signed for Arsenal but it doesn’t always happen like that. By doing a podcast like he does, you have to be so careful that you toe the club line. If he says anything that the club doesn’t agree with, it could lead to a lot of problems.

That is, however, the age we are in at the moment. Times have changed from my playing days. I mean, I don’t know if I would do a podcast whilst I was still playing but I think I would’ve been on Twitter and Instagram.

Because I do think it’s good to get your voice out there after a game. Like if you beat Chelsea and you want to join in the celebrations online following a big win. It works the other way too if you are gutted about a result but you have to be careful about what you say.

But whilst Antonio is still a West Ham player for now, we said goodbye to Craig Dawson and Darren Randolph last month. For Dawson, it was a move that was needed for family reasons and I think all fans understand why he wanted to go back to the Midlands.

Just think back to when he first arrived and we were all scratching our heads thinking: ‘Really? Are you sure?”. But he proved us all wrong on the pitch and that’s where you need to do it. That’s where you change perceptions.

When we play Wolves again, I’m sure he’ll get the ovation he deserves because he went about it in the right way, and fans always remember that. You only have to compare Dawson to Payet to see how you should and shouldn’t go about getting a move to another club.

As for Randolph, he is still around the Republic of Ireland set up so probably felt that he needed to get more game time. Goalkeepers don’t tend to get too many injuries and with Fabianski and Areola in the way, he wasn’t going to see much first team action.

I also imagine he was on a good wage too so I’m sure the club were pleased to get his wages off the books. Last season we had four goalkeepers with Dave Martin too so at least it gives our young goalkeepers the chance of coming through and mixing with the first team.

The club also let Conor Coventry go out on loan again. He’d played a few times for us this season and I thought he’d done well. But clearly Moyes feels he needs to go back out there and get more experience.

I’m sure Conor will be hoping though that next season will be his year. He’s down the pecking order at the moment but he has been knocking on the door, and has had more chances this year to impress.

Perhaps Moyes felt it was unlikely he’d get much game time between now and the end of the season where he’ll get a good number of minutes at Rotherham. It was good that we managed to get the win against Everton, and whilst the Toffees were poor on the day, we delivered probably our best performance of the season.

As soon as we went two up, I couldn’t see Everton getting back into the game. Had we lost against Everton, I suspect it could have been Moyes who got the sack but I think for the Toffees, the sacking of Lampard was long overdue.

They only won once in 14 games in all competitions and some of their players really do need to look at themselves in the mirror. I really didn’t think it was that bad for them but as always, it’s the manager who gets the blame and the sack.

But let’s not forget Lampard did well at Chelsea with his hands tied because of the transfer ban. He might have to wait a while for another job, but having said that, with the way football is at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if he walked straight into another job.

As we look ahead to February’s fixtures, I am hopeful it could be a decent month for us even though, on paper, it doesn’t look like that. Newcastle have been involved in the League Cup and if they get to the final, their first in a good number of years, maybe their thoughts will be elsewhere for our game in the North East.

Then with Chelsea at home, there’s no reason why we can’t get something out of that game. As for Spurs, it really could go either way at their place.

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