‘Lampard has never shown he is capable of being a good manager’

After our victory over Everton, it wasn't a surprise to see Fat Frank get the chop

Lampard’s time at Everton has come to an end. Is this a shock to me? Not one bit. With only one win in his last 12 premier league games, Everton’s form is worse than ours, and ours is bad.

With celebrations of escaping relegation last season, I think people thought Lampard could turn it around for the Blues.  I, however, predicted they’d be 19th and every week it’s looking ever more likely. But saying that, I did predict West Ham would get another top seven finish and we all know that’s gone down the pan.

Everton’s performances in the last three years puts them as a bottom-half club. It seemed to me that having a gaffer with Lampard’s managerial experience could only end as badly as in previous years. But maybe I’m slightly harsh on Lampard because of his history with the club. With loud chants of ‘Fat Frank”, he never got a great reception at Upton Park.

He didn’t help it by saying: ‘When Joe Cole first came to Chelsea, he would turn away in disappointment if West Ham lost. I would smile.’ He went on to say this season: ‘I think my relationship with West ham has softened over the years’, which I do believe is true.

However, I would not be jumping at the chance to get him if it didn’t work out with Moyes. And that’s not just because of his poor stints at Everton and Chelsea. Coming up to our game with Everton with one point in our last seven games, it was a must-win.

I assume Lampard and Moyes were both having the same worries, wondering whether they’d still have a job by Monday. It was essential we secured them three points.  Overall I was pleased with the result. Twin goals for the newly-expecting Bowen felt quite iconic, and you could just see the headlines writing themselves.

With no goals in his last 10 Premier League games, I was pleased for the England International. It sparks hope that we might see a glimpse of the Bowen we remember from last season. The Toffees’ dominant 68% possession was not an indicator of the game at all. We were the ones creating chances and I was surprised the goal tally wasn’t higher than it was.

With great runs from the likes of Rice and Emerson it looked like the Everton defence just wasn’t up to it. Blues supporter Tom Pridgeon told me: ‘It was the perfect reflection of the last eight years. The passing, the pace, the commitment, the toughness were all way off.’

Even though they’re one of the worst teams in the league currently, I hope the boys can take the positives from that win. We surprisingly managed to score goals which as a team we’ve been struggling with. With Moyes getting another life (for now) chants of ‘You’re getting sacked in the morning’ bellowed from the London Stadium at Lampard.

And to no shock to anyone by Monday he was gone. Everton fan Jack Gillam told me: ‘It had to be done at this point but it was a bit sad as I could see he really cared for the club.’ Supporter Pridgeon thought he had to go but didn’t think that meant he was a bad manager.

He likened him to Marco Silva who flopped with them and now this season is competing for Europe with Fulham.  I personally just don’t buy Lampard being a good manager. He left Chelsea in 9th with the worst points per game of any Chelsea manager under Abramovich.

That team then went on to win the Champions League under new management the same season. People say he did well for Derby but I don’t think that’s the case either. He finished 6th with no promotion, which was exactly the same as their previous season, and he had the likes of Mason Mount, Fikayo Tomori and an experienced Ashley Cole in his team.

With Moyes still on shaky ground there were question marks about whether he’d be going back to Everton. There was an argument that Lampard was doomed either way as if Moyes got sacked first he might be in pole position to join them again.

Pridgeon did not like the idea of this, telling me: ‘Yes he “gets the club” but the club is not the same club anymore, it’s not got the same ethos and again, he will fail.’  On the other hand, Gillam was open to this idea but was more focused on their board sacking off.

I hope Moyes does stay though. Yes, we’ve been in terrible form but he is also the man that got us Europe two years in a row.

I don’t think replacing managers constantly ever works for teams. And a quick fix is not what I want. Although, if we do get relegated with Moyes I’ll eat my words very quickly.

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