Could we soon see Rice in City or Chelsea blue or Madrid white?

Declan is destined for great things but what options would be a step forward in his career?

Declan Rice (WHU) at the West Ham United v Chelsea EPL match, at the London Stadium, London, UK on February 11, 2023.

I think we all know, deep down, that Declan Rice will eventually move on to a ‘bigger’ club. However, the timing of the comments he made during the World Cup eres thoughtless at best.

We still have a chance to win a European trophy this season and his focus should solely be on the club.  I do disagree with a lot of the outrage from some West Ham fans because for me, Declan has always given everything on the pitch, and it is clear he has love and respect for the Hammers.

Furthermore, it is not a shock he has these ambitions, any player of his calibre should have the desire to win it all. We’ve seen with players like Harry Kane that loyalty, whilst admirable and something that we all want to see in a player, can lead to regrets.

Personally, I think if he were to leave, he should go to Manchester City.  I really believe this boy has the potential to be the best midfielder in the world, and under Pep, I can see his game going from strength to strength.

Perhaps off the back of winning the Champions League in 2021, that would have been the perfect time for him to go back to Chelsea, the team we know he and his family supports. With Kante getting consistent injuries and the rest of Chelsea’s midfield being somewhat underwhelming, that would have been the time.

However, I think Chelsea are about to see a good year or two of hardship and at this stage in his career, he may as well stay at West Ham. If he were to move, I’d want to see him go to one of Europe’s current greats. As an alternative, I think he would turn Manchester United into a trophy-winning side.

Alongside Casemiro, that midfield would be near impossible to get through. However, I just do not see him going to the red side of Manchester.  Looking outside of England, there is perhaps Real Madrid? It would be a bold move, one that many would raise their eyebrows at.

Although, as I’ve mentioned above, Casemiro has left, which leaves a gap in their team. Now don’t get me wrong, their midfield is absolutely ridiculous, but Kroos and Modric have to slow down at some point, and Declan alongside Camavinga, Valverde and even Tchouameni would be brilliant.

Just this week, Kieran Trippier was talking about being English and playing abroad, and how he learnt so much more about the game by being in Spain. He also mentioned that the weather and food weren’t too bad.

It would be interesting to see Declan make this move to one of Europe’s big teams and Champions League contenders every year, however I do think this is unlikely.  Some people have only just woken up to the fact that he is the most integral part of the England team, which begs the question, where have you been?

At this point, if you cannot see what Declan Rice brings to a team, then maybe football isn’t the sport for you. I truly believe that England lost the Euro’s final because Southgate took Rice off the pitch.

As soon as that happened, Italy could cut through us like a hot knife through butter. The stability he brings to a team is second-to-none and he has improved on his attacking side as well.  

I’ll admit, when I first read the comments he made during the World Cup, I was annoyed. I thought, you’re meant to be the captain of this club, wherever you are in the world, you are representing us.

Moving on to a ‘bigger’ club or playing at the highest level should not be on your mind when we still have so much to fight for this year. After some time, though, I understood the context of what he was saying.

Declan Rice strikes me as a consummate professional and someone who truly loves the club. I have no doubt in my mind that until the final whistle of this season, he will fight for the badge, and he will fight for us.

As long as the respect stays until the end, and beyond, I would wish him nothing but the best. I truly hope he goes on to have the career and win the trophies that a player like him deserves.

Naturally, deep down, I hope all of those trophies come for him in a claret and blue shirt – West Ham, of course, not Villa or Burnley. 

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