Opposition View: ‘Zaha will leave this summer and it’ll be a huge loss for Palace…’

We caught up with Palace fan Neve Hall ahead of our Premier League clash

Only one place to start with you Neve; Was sacking Viera the right move?

Neve: I think it was the right move as we have been stuck in very poor form for a prolonged period of time, and I personally couldn’t see a way out of it. As much as I am a huge fan of Viera’s style of play, it seemed that we were just not performing to the level we should be with the talent that we have available to us, especially in our attacking positions.

So what are your thoughts on getting Roy back in as manager?

Neve: I think having him as an experienced manager will benefit us as he has previous relationships with some of the team. Hopefully in the next two months, he can work with them to start producing the desired performances by both the fans and the club

Do you think Palace will go down this season?

Neve: I think we will not be relegated this season, I believe that as a team and club we have enough fight and determination to hold onto our Premier League status.

What have Palace been lacking this season?

Neve: One of our main issues this season is that towards the end of games, we really switch off defensively and this has led to multiple winnable games slipping away from us in the last minutes and so we are throwing away points very easily.

You’ve also had 196 minutes without a shot on target though. What is causing this?

Neve: Our lack of shots on target is largely down to our lack of threat in the final third. Whether that be through unsuccessful passes, lack of presence in the box or us being very easy to dispossess, we are seeming to really struggle to capitalise on any chances that present themselves. Also players like Jordan Ayew, who despite 28 appearances this season, has a shockingly low shot accuracy of 43% and only one goal shows that maybe we are not always starting the appropriate players to help us win games.

It looks like Zaha will be looking to move on from Palace in the summer. What are your thoughts on this Neve?

Neve: We have as fans come to terms with the likelihood that Zaha will leave this season and it will be a huge loss for the team, His ability to play on the left and cross into the box is sensational, and he is our main source of goals this season with six so far. I think if Zaha goes, as a club, we will have to try really hard to invest into a good quality replacement for him in order to ensure we are not left without a player who could fill in his role

How many points from your next six games, which are all against teams below you?

Neve: In an ideal world, all of these games are potential winners for us as a team with us having beaten three of the six teams in the reverse fixtures earlier in the season. However due to every one of the teams having the same drive and fight to get out of the relegation battle, it could be a very challenging and scrappy few matches. We will really have to work hard to get results. I believe we can aim for at least 12 points form these next six games

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