From Cornet’s chances to Rice’s future, April was the month of debate

There was plenty for our followers to get their teeth into in last month’s issue and they didn't hold back

Declan Rice (WHU) at the West Ham United v Leicester City EPL match, at the London Stadium, London, UK on November 12, 2022.

When it comes to all things West Ham, we know that most fans like to express their opinion on most subjects on social media. But last month saw one of the busiest months on our social media platforms with a number of articles in April’s edition sparking fierce debate.

The response to Greg Richardson’s piece about whether or not we should cash our Czech’s in was aided in an upturn of performances from Coufal where perform he hadn’t really hit the heights of previous campaigns. Whilst Kenny (@Kennycandb) felt it was time to sell both, Mark Thomas (@mark76thomas) said: ‘Keep them. I’ve no faith in our recruitment to get upgrades.’

Adam Leatherbarrow (@A_A_L_1986) agreed we should keep both and Sam Wilson (@SamWilsonWhu) pointed to how brilliant the right back was last month and added: ‘Soucek is a very good squad option.’
But Mark Fletcher (@fletchCOYI) didn’t agree on the midfielder: ‘Soucek can definitely go, I’ll even drive him! I’d keep Vlad as we need his steel.’ And Peter Elliott (@PeterKing1968) thinks a more pressing position is left back. ‘We should definitely keep Coufal. He’s back to his best. We need to spend big money on an all round left back.

‘We definitely need an upgrade with Soucek but I would be happy for Soucek to be in the squad next season.’ Stevie (@stevieboypope) added: ‘Who in their right mind would get rid of Coufal?’
As for whether or not David Moyes should have more faith in Maxwel Cornet, we received a mixed response.

Paul (@whufcpaul1) wrote: ‘Cornet does show glimpses but he has also shown that he’s super lightweight and easily bullied. Needs a lot of work to sort out.’ But Jeff (@jeffsmithers2) responded: ‘Personally I would start him over Benny, given his current form.’

And Lee Clarke (@leeclarke27) wrote: ‘I would rather Vlasic come back and get a chance. Cornet has zero composure in the final third.’ The latter being something Leon (@LeonH1983) agreed with: ‘He’s awful. Everything in front of goal, he slows down and it’s like he doesn’t know what to do. He should have scored at least four goals in the last month.’

Nicky Wolf (@nwolf1986) believes Cornet would be better in Bowen’s position but added: ‘He’s not gonna get in front of Bowen.’ Whilst Tommo Hayward (@TommoHayward) added: ‘He would have more contributions than Benrahma if given a run in the side. We saw how clinical he can be at Burnley.’

But Chris Shepherd (@shepherd_1972) wrote: ‘He is overrated and I don’t think he will be with West Ham for long. I would be surprised if he lasted half of next season.’ There was also a strong response to Chris Wheal’s article about The West Ham United Supporters’ Trust outlining their plan to raise the roof for a better stadium atmosphere.

Dave (@DaveWHU1895) wrote: ‘I can tell you what will happen to a drum within the first five minutes if it ever was at a West Ham match. No thanks. Sing and stop being lazy.’ He added: ‘The Bobby Moore Lower and Trevor Brooking Lower at Upton Park was your bread and butter for atmospheres alongside the Chicken Run. But turning us into Crystal Palace, you might as well just rename the club and change its colours.’

RIchard Avenell (@AvenellRichard) continued: ‘I can remember going to Southend United years back and one of their fans had a drum. I have never heard so much abuse aimed at one person during a game before or since.’ But Jamie George-Spence (@JamieGeorgeSpe1) wrote: ‘Something has to be done to improve it. We have the worst home atmosphere in the league. Glad to see people taking steps to try and resolve it.’

He later added: ‘It’s time to move with the times and sort the dreadful atmosphere we have over there. Arsenal fans got together and have improved the Emirates atmosphere massively. Good to see our fans doing the same.’ Twitter user @W_Bellew concluded: ‘I just think something needs to be done to help in the best way we can.

‘We know we have to work twice as hard to create an atmosphere in that place as any other ground in the country, but things can be done. ‘Getting a specific section where like minded fans can go is a start. A section for the hardcore to create atmosphere, and tickets aren’t available for tourists or families there.

‘Then you have a family section somewhere else. Most other grounds have that. We had it at Upton Park.’
He later wrote: ‘It’s all so disjointed. You have middle aged men belting out chants and then people around just being annoyed about it. ‘There needs to be a restructure of which fans sit where because I think a large part of the atmosphere problem is down to that.’

He continued: ‘People keep saying “atmosphere is good in this area” but outside where you are situated, it doesn’t carry unless a larger number are joining in. The organisation of where the fans are needs to change for that.’ He added: ‘We need to fet everyone together. Create a massive stand like the Yellow Wall at Dortmund and it will pack a punch.

‘Something needs to be done to give the place a boost. Not drums and ultras, but getting like minded fans together.’ As for ExWHUemployee’s piece on a career in football being judged on medals, and that Declan Rice needs to be battling for titles, not to avoid relegation, it divided our followers.

Mike Williams (@mikewilliams992) wrote: ‘Surely he leaves the club either this summer or next? Grown beyond the club and deserves to be playing European football’ He later added: ‘He’s now 24, approaching his prime and wants to play Champions League football. He clearly wants to leave as he’s rejected multiple contract offers and wants to play at the top level.’

And responding to comments of West Ham being able to ask for offers in excess of £100m, Mike added: ‘To you he’s worth every penny of £100m but for the rest of the market he won’t be. He won’t be sold for £100m, he’ll go to Arsenal for a max of £80m. ‘Can imagine Utd and Newcastle will be sniffing about too. Chelsea will try of course but they won’t have European football.’

Paul Hobday (@pjhobday) agreed: ‘Rice is surely going regardless. We should test his metal with something close to £200k a week contract.’ Steve Cowell (@steve_cowell) added: ‘He does deserve to play at the highest level. I wouldn’t begrudge him a move, I just hope it isn’t Chelsea’

But Brett Sherwin (@oogle_bleh) disagreed. ‘I believe any career is based on satisfaction. Too many people get hooked on materialistic stuff rather than events, people, feelings.

‘Sadly, Dec will probably leave, win some trophies but have a void in his life that was West Ham fans’ love.’
And Keith Randall (@KeithRandall10) added: ‘Is that how Nobes was judged? Would Brooking be looked upon with more respect if he’d left? Dec’s England’s place is secure. We remain a club of huge promise. This is home.’

And Barry Russell (@BarryRussell100) commented: ‘I don’t tend to judge players based on their medal haul. ‘It can often be misleading. Not many would put six-time Premier League winner, Nicky Butt, in the same class as Steven Gerrard, but his medals could suggest otherwise.

‘I think Dec does leave, I just hope it’s for a huge fee.’ And Togsy (@TolgaYu09919376) responded to our Twitter post with: ‘I’d like to think we are no longer a selling club.

‘We have no reason to sell our best players unless they are coming to the end of their contracts and not re-signing. Otherwise, they are priceless to us, and only ridiculously high offers should be entertained.’ Mike Ramsden (@RamsdenMike) hopes Rice leaves England: ‘He will be going at the end of this season, I just hope he decides to try a team abroad so we don’t have to see him play against us.’

Finally, there were suggestions in light Emily Pulham’s piece about the struggles fans have faced recently getting into the London Stadium. One Twitter user Paroch (@paroch19uk) wrote: ‘The security checks could be so much slicker.

‘The way they position themselves means it takes longer to get through than necessary. The security guy stood furthest away is often just stood there with nobody to check. ‘I think just having the stewards side-by-side instead of in front and behind would make a difference. It would get people through quicker.

‘Also not sure how effective the searches are. Other than putting liquid in cups, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen them find anything.’ Nicholas Johnson (@nickjohns47) wrote: ‘Only way to avoid the queues is to get there earlier but then you’re captive to the ridiculous prices for food and drinks. No win situation.

‘I do think the concessions, which I do understand are not controlled by the club, could offer early bird pricing to encourage earlier entry.’ Adam Cooper (@adamcooperwhu) concluded: ‘Getting into the ground is only hard work if you enter at the entrance shown in the photo you’ve posted.

‘I don’t get why 1000’s queue up here for 30 mins when you could walk two minutes to the next entrance and go straight in. ‘Saying that, please keep doing it, I don’t want you in my queue.’

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