“King Arthur’s departure didn’t come as a surprise to me”

His goal against Chelsea will never be forgotten but sadly neither will his unnecessary spit at Wigan

Arthur Masauku (WHU) at the Arsenal v West Ham United EPL match, at the Emirates Stadium, London, UK on 11th December, 2021.

Only a few months back, I wrote an article on Masuaku’s ‘future’ at West Ham and I feel like if there was any time to go that time was perfect. Besiktas were really keen to sign him and West Ham actually had to lower their demands to make the transfer happen.

The 29-year-old completed his permanent transfer mid-April and the transfer fee West Ham would’ve liked was around £2 million that was expected to be paid in instalments from Besiktas. However, with a bit of negotiating, Besiktas knocked off £200,000 and paid £1.8 million for Masuaku.

Before the deal was made permanent Masuaku featured 27 times for the Turkish side scoring twice and having four assists next to his name. Although this form is quite impressive his performances at West Ham were too inconsistent for some fans liking, including myself.

After some strong form since his loan, selling him to Besiktas was the best option for all parties involved.
We now have a bit of money to invest in a defender and Masuaku gets to play first team football week in, week out rather than sitting on our bench. Although it’s sad seeing players go, I’m happy I don’t have to worry about anything going down his channel due to his laziness and daydreaming.

I won’t be too hard on Arthur though as he did pull off some outrageous skills from time-to-time with his desire to attack and drive the ball forwards. Although he didn’t score many goals he was a very skillful player on the pitch from nutmegs to dancing round opposing team’s defenders with the ball. It was beautiful to watch.

He was with West Ham for eight years and despite his ability to defend, he did give it his best shot every time he came on as I could see some frustration build in him every time he made a mistake. Whilst farewell and thank you messages were coming through social media to Masuaku he took the time to thank the West Ham fans and club.

He said on Twitter: ‘Thanks for all the messages I get from the West Ham community. Always felt love there with you, I wish you guys the very best for the future. King Arthur’. I thought that it was really sweet of him to thank us on social media as it does show he loved the club and enjoyed his time here.

Whilst I am not a massive fan of Arthur I will always thank him for his goal against Chelsea. I still to this day don’t actually know if he meant it or not but a goal is a goal and I will celebrate that forever. I guess that’s a knighthood itself scoring the winner against the Blues.

West Ham released a short statement online mentioning the departure of King Arthur. They summed up his eight years spent at the club scoring two goals one against Bolton Wanderers in the Carabao Cup and the other against Chelsea. My memories of Arthur that will live with me forever are definitely the goal against Chelsea because who doesn’t love beating Chelsea at home, the Masuaku song ‘he’s better than Lukaku’ which then goes into ‘he never gives the ball away’ which ironically since that chant started he always seemed to give the ball away.

A low time for Masuaku which actually is probably the reason I have this agenda against him was when he spat at Nick Powell in the FA Cup against Wigan in 2018. I remember traveling all that way and saying to my Dad in the stands that he spat because I could see it from where I was standing.

I was so disappointed that he let himself and the team down. Losing 2-0 was annoying however the biggest blow was knowing he got sent off from an overreaction to something so minor. This actually led him to getting a six-match ban which was so frustrating as it was so unnecessary.

I want to wish Arthur Masuaku the best of luck in his career and hope to see his name on the scoresheets more often as he does have it in him to perform to a high standard. I would also like to thank him for his time and effort at West Ham as I know us fans love to have a say on social media especially when times are tough.

Your goal against Chelsea will never be forgotten! Once a Hammer, always a Hammer. Thank you once again King Arthur.

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