Opposition View: “Pep will stay if Man City win the Champions League…”

We caught up with Man City fan Patrick 'Chico' Watson ahead of a crucial month

Do you think City will win the treble this season?

I think a treble is probably a bit of a long shot to be honest. The one thing holding us back from getting the treble is having to play Real Madrid in the next round of the Champions League However if we do beat them then the treble is looking likely.

If you win the treble do you think Pep will be gone?

I really don’t think so. Pep definitely has another year or two in him at Manchester City. He is so determined to want to keep on getting better and to carry on building players like Foden and Haaland up to the very top.

Apart from Haaland, which City player has impressed you the most this season, Patrick?

Foden is up there or maybe even Nathan Ake because he’s gone from what most would say as a clear backup to a key player. I’m still in shock how Foden doesn’t make the first team lineup for England.

Have any City players fallen below your expectations this season?

Cancelo did seeing as he left. It felt great beating Bayern Munich as he left us to only then be knocked out by us in the Champions League so I was rubbing my hands together. Other than him, only really Laporte but that’s only because he’s struggling for game time at the moment due to the high standard that is on the pitch.

Up to this season what has been your favourite season following Manchester City?

Probably last season as I didn’t go to many games before then. The final day felt reminiscent of the Aguero moment which is something I will never forget.

Can you predict how goals Erling Haaland will finish on in all comps?

Considering he is currently on 49, I’m going to say overall 60. I can see it being more with some of the fixtures we have coming up and he will be striving to get that target I reckon.

Apart from Declan Rice Patrick, what other West Ham player do you rate?

I’d say Paqueta. He’s a skillful player who has great vision for that final pass. Sometimes it doesn’t pay off but I can’t wait to see what he can do going forward.

If we both win our respective European trophies shall we do a joint open top ride?

That would be fun. I think a lot of our fans would take great pleasure in how that rubs salt in the wounds of other big clubs’ fans. But also we were very grateful that you drew to Arsenal so we can all celebrate together.

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