Memories of Prague and what Moyes Boys have done will last a lifetime

There have been a few highs along the way following West Ham, but winning a European cup is next level

I don’t know about you but I’m still very much on Cloud Nine after our historic win in Prague. In truth, I think I’m still recovering from days of drinking, singing, and having very little sleep.

I certainly wasn’t able to get much done the week after, my mind kept drifting back to Prague, not helped by endlessly scrolling through social media looking at everyone’s pictures and videos. And don’t ask me how many times I’ve watched the winning goal. As great as Bowen does to finish, the pass from Paqueta was incredible and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of watching it.

He operates on a completely different level at times but that goal and some of our performances towards the end of the season showed that the players are finally understanding our Brazilian magnifico. I was lucky enough to be out in Prague with four friends and it really was a trip of a lifetime for our group.

We’ve been travelling over land and sea to watch West Ham together since 2007, and like you, we’ve witnessed relegation, numerous relegation battles, and some semi final heartbreaks as well as hopeless performances in the league and cups. Sure, there have been a few highs along the way, winning the Championship playoff, our final season at the Boleyn, and our European adventures over the past two seasons, but winning a European cup is next level.

It was great to share it with such a great group, and there’ll be stories that we’ll be telling for years to come. Like one of the guys missing Bowen’s winning goal because he was having a wee before extra time!

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