‘What a season West Ham have had’: We hear from fans of other Premier League clubs

We caught up with Southampton fan Sam Brown, Fulham supporter Harry Healy, and Man City fan Patrick ‘Chico’ to give their view on West Ham’s campaign

What is your assessment of West Ham this season?

Sam: I think West Ham have done a great job this season. From fighting relegation to now European champions is something football fans in general love to see. 

Harry: What a season you have had. Been through every single emotion it looks like. Congratulations on winning a trophy and the best of luck next season.

Patrick: My favourite club aside from City. You have been our heroes for helping knock down Arsenal and now European champions. Can’t wait to play you next season and sing back and forth ‘champions of Europe’.

Aside from Rice, which West Ham players have impressed you this campaign?

Sam: It has to be Paqueta. It looks like he’s adjusted to the Premier League now and he does not stop running on the pitch. You’ve got yourself a great player there.

Harry: Bowen. It has to be Bowen for scoring that winning goal to make you champions. He will no doubt be back in the England squad in no time at all. 

Patrick: Bowen. He had a slow start to the season but really found himself after the World Cup. To score the last minute winner in the final as well a true hero. 

What’s your prediction for West Ham next season?

Sam: I think you’ll finish mid-table and have a good run in Europe but I don’t think you have a chance of winning another trophy for a while.

Harry: A mid-table finish. Don’t get your hopes up for next season though, I think you’ve just experienced the highest high you can get with you.

Patrick: To do a Sevilla with the Europa League and keep on winning in Europe. I hope you can challenge in the top half of the table next season. 

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