Claret&Hugh: Our transfer inactivity is a possible disaster in waiting!

A lot needs to happen and quickly in our recruitment process

David Moyes (West Ham manager) at the West Ham United v Chelsea EPL match, at the London Stadium, London, UK on February 11, 2023.

It may have escaped the notice of some that Claret and Hugh has reported via a key source that David Moyes would remain in charge of bringing in new players during this window. We made it clear that Tim Steinten would be getting his feet under the table until Christmas and that the manager would therefore be driving the bus.

Here we are with the season around the corner and as I write only one player is on his way according to our same source – Manchester City’s Carlos Borges. It follows therefore that only one person is responsible for this scenario – the manager – who once again is proving more than, shall we be polite about this, circumspect in making his choices.

Frankly, having known for months that Rice was on his way, I would have expected him to have had a replacement lined up to bring immediately the window opened. Maybe two given like-for-like with Declan is impossible. Aaron Cresswell appears to be on his way at the moment to Wolves and Manu Lanzini has been allowed to move on – others may follow but still no replacements are in sight.

I fully accept there are those who reckon Moyes is a magic manager. Fair enough. But there are as many who believe something different and this transfer inactivity is, in our terms, entirely unacceptable. The one exception we will make as far as new arrivals are concerned are up front where we genuinely believe Divin Mubama is ready for first team action.

It was great to hear the manager talking him up recently declaring that he gives the team something entirely different. He’s a player who is going to save the Hammers fortunes in the transfer market.

But elsewhere with so little activity from the manager, a possible disaster is waiting. We also worry that should he ever be overruled in the decision making process, the players Steinten may recommend, and are bought, get next to no chance. A lot needs to happen and quickly in our recruitment process.

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