Pub Talk: ‘After the start we’ve had, it could be a great season for West Ham…’

The Blowing Bubbles team settle down to put the world to rights..

James Ward-Prowse (WHU) at the West Ham United v Manchester City EPL match, at the London Stadium, London, UK on 16th September, 2023.

What have you made of our start to the season?

David Meagher: Seven points away from home already and spells at the top of the league. More importantly, Alvarez, Paqueta and Ward-Prowse really nailing a Moysian midfield. Kudus to add to the power from Benrahma, Bowen and Cornet. All we need is a striker.

Meirion Williams: I have to say that it is more than I expected. I said before the start of the season that the hardest month was August as it always seems to dictate the rest of our season. To take 10 points from four fixtures, three of those games being away from home, is an amazing start. Who would have thought that our home game against Man City would be a top of the table clash? Great start and add to that the fact that our new signings have yet to settle in, it could all be a great year for us Hammers.

Emily Pulham: I don’t understand what’s happening; are we all having a collective hallucination? Is it the vaccine? I thought this was set to be a relegation season after all and so far it’s been wonderful. West Ham are top of the league. Or, at least, that’s what they want you to think.

What did you make of the rollercoaster that was our transfer window?

DM: Slow start, solid middle. Ward-Prowse is the bargain of the window. Alvarez looks very neat. Kudus will add fireworks.

MW: Relief! We all knew Rice was going. What had worried me was the lack of a striker but Ward-Prowse is already looking like a steal and I have high hopes for Alvarez and Kudus to really impress. I’m pleased that Antonio and Cresswell have stayed but I’m slightly worried that Lingard may still be given a contract. I would avoid that mercenary like the plague.

EP: You may sense a theme of a negative outlook here, and you’d be right, as I thought this would go down as one of the worst transfer windows in West Ham history. Instead it seems we’ve made a steady, considered and excellent approach. The best thing has been the players slotting into the team and having an immediate impact rather than Moyes locking them in his basement for eight weeks first or whatever it is he does.

What have you made of our new signings on the pitch so far?

DM: Ward-Prowse is outstanding. Alvarez looks very solid.

MW: Ward-Prowse is a great buy and Alvarez looks quality. Kudus joined us after scoring a hatrick for Ajax so could be the midfield goal getter we have craved since Lampard. They already look a better crop than last season’s but of course time will tell.

EP: As DM and MW have said, massive Ward-Prowse fan here. Do not let the man get injured.

What were your thoughts about our Europa League draw?

DM: Nothing we can’t handle in the opposition and the opportunity to visit Athens is a result. Quite a bit of travel ahead but a lot of fun, which is what European nights are all about for me.

MW: It looks pretty favourable. It’s disappointing that the first away game will have no travelling supporters due to the mindless idiots throwing cups in last year’s final. We should top the group and then it’s onwards and upwards. I think I fear our away cup game at Lincoln more than I do those Europeans away games.

EP: I’m happy with it, and just glad we’re not Brighton. I think we’re capable of doing well here, and should have more depth in the squad this year to do it.

How have you felt seeing Declan Rice in an Arsenal shirt?

DM: Filthy. Sad. Defiled. It’s just wrong. I’ve never been a big advocate of the Hammers becoming a massive financial institution, but selling to Arsenal reminds us that we are still a feeder club for the top four. This will end in the next five years if we continue at our present trajectory. I really don’t want to be a top four results zombie, but it would be nice to only sell when we choose. Paqueta is a real find – who would you rather have if you were Barcelona? Rice or Paqueta?

MW: Thanks Declan for the memories but I have no interest in your future endeavours. See you in a few years time when you do a Joe Cole and return to a bigger club.

EP: I’m sorry, I don’t know who that is. Not a player that’s on my radar I’m afraid.

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