Could Pablo be eating paella and drinking Estrella elsewhere?

Fornals is a fan favourite but he’s fallen out of favour with Moyes and may need to move elsewhere

West Ham players walk around the pitch pre-match at the West Ham United v Manchester City EPL match, at the London Stadium, London, UK on 16th September, 2023.

He eats Paella, drinks Estrella, we’re going to Vienna – one of my all-time favourite chants. But sadly Pablo Fornals has been unfortunate with not making the starting lineup due to new signings and having to fight for his place in this team.

I’m a huge fan of Pablo, in fact he reminds me of one of my all time favourite players, Manual Lanzini. He knows how much of a great club we are and you can see the passion when he wears the shirt. However, I feel Pablo has been lacking quality which is frustrating as I’m a huge fan of his.

Over the summer it was reported Pablo wanted to leave West Ham to play more regular football. That is completely understandable as he just wants to do what he loves, although I would’ve been heartbroken losing Lanzini and Fornals all in one summer.

I think Pablo has had more than enough chances when he’s started and come on the pitch, but I just think we’re all waiting for that little something more. You see the effort there but the quality is unfortunately not up to the level everyone else is playing.

I’m hoping he will get more game time with Europa League and cup games, but he has to prove he deserves to be started. That’s what I love about West Ham this season, players are constantly fighting for their positions like Fornals, Benrahma, Aguerd and Mavropanos.

There is potential for Pablo to change his mind on wanting to stay as we are now two months into the new campaign. It’s quite easy to forget how loved you are at the club during the summer period. I’m really hoping he knows how much he is supported and hopefully will end up staying until the end of this season and hopefully the next.

When Pablo first joined West Ham, I really liked him and I probably fell in love with him a bit too much as I defended his corner every time. Then he got picked for his country Spain from the form he was in at West Ham and I felt so proud of him.

He is a great player. I just think he needs to gain his confidence back as he has lost it since being dropped and not being played as much. My favourite moment of Pablo since he joined was definitely him singing ‘West Ham are massive everywhere we go’ after his interview that went viral on West Ham Twitter.

It melted my heart and from that moment, I knew he was one of us who knows what it’s like to love West Ham. My favourite goal from Pablo is the goal that secured our place in the final of the Conference League.

I remember sitting there in the pub in Amsterdam seeing that ball being played through and thinking ‘Come on Pablo’ and then he coolly puts it past the keeper. I had tears streaming down my face. That moment was one to cherish because his celebration was everything and what a night that was after that win against AZ Alkmaar.

Pablo brings an attacking style to the game. You give him the ball and he’s off taking on the player in front, you rarely see him pass the ball backwards. He’s constantly looking to go forwards and not slow down the game. He’s looking to play someone in or be the guy finishing off the through ball.

He works really well alongside Bowen; we saw that against Bournemouth at the start of the season.
I’m excited to see him get a chance again.

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