Opposition View: ‘West Ham haven’t faced a team like Olympiacos – our games will be intense’

We hear from Olympiacos fan Alexander Georgiou on their Europa League campaign and facing West Ham

How does it feel to be in the Europa League?

It’s a good feeling being in the Europa league playing in these different cities and all these big clubs, but of course the Champions League is main goal for us. We have been out of that competition for a few years now but we will get there again. I am, however, looking forward to seeing where this European adventure takes us.

Who is your strongest player we need to look out for?

We have a few good players right now, of course last season we had James Rodríguez who was very good but unfortunately he left. This season Ayoub El Kaabi has been dangerous already scoring nine goals in all games and four in the Europa League. I feel he will be a very key player for us in the Europa League, watch out for him.

How far do you think you will go in Europe?

We have been playing in European competitions since I was a child. We are experienced and know how other European teams play. Last season was poor from us but I’m confident we will make it to the knockout stages and who knows what can happen from there.

A lot of West Ham fans will be heading out to Greece to watch us play. Are you looking forward to the game?

Yes of course, I love it when fans from around Europe come to see how beautiful my city is. It’s such a nice country with a lot to offer. They have a real passion for football, it’s a way of life for them. It will be a great atmosphere with cheap beers and great food when they come. A recommendation to visit if you haven’t been to Athens before is Acropolis of Athens if you have a spare few hours in your day when you visit.

Predictions for both legs of the game?

The games will be intense. West Ham won the conference league but haven’t faced a team like us yet. I think 1-0 to us at home and the away leg in London, I’ll be happy with a 1-1. But it will be close, West Ham have a few good players too.

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