‘We’re all falling out of love with the beautiful game because of VAR’

There isn’t a week that goes by without a hugely controversial VAR decision in the Premier League

When it comes to VAR in football, there is a divide across the footballing community whether it’s liked or disliked. When VAR first came into play, it was stated by the PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited) that VAR will only intervene if it is clear and obvious.

Now we can all agree that what they said was a bit of a stretch and in fact is ruining the beautiful game that we all love and know. The most annoying part about VAR is the inconsistency. One game they will give a foul one way but the same happens the following week to a different team and they don’t give a foul.

The one for me that’s got way out of hand is offside. The new rule, which is that linos aren’t meant to raise their flag until the ‘attack’ is over, is beyond me. But when a team scores, VAR is looking for a reason to rule out the goal every single time.

It’s frustrating to watch on the TV at home but when you’re inside the stadium it’s torture. You can’t celebrate a goal anymore with that pure passion because you know VAR will be looking at it to find a reason to rule it out.

We’ve been quite lucky this season in the Premier League so far but I know whilst writing this, I’m going to jinx it so please don’t blame me for when it happens. We saw during the recent England game Rice’s goal be ruled out due to VAR interference.

When are, we as fans, going to come together to stop the PGMOL who are trying to turn football into something it’s really not? There’s been some baffling decisions this season with VAR. We saw Wolves get shafted recently by VAR once again with their shocking take on penalty decisions against Fulham.

The Wolves player clearly gets the ball. I don’t understand how everyone else can see it but the officials can’t? Is it because they are scared of making these decisions in case of the backlash or is it that they are oblivious to the rules of football?

The second penalty that was given is a clear penalty so at least they got that one right. But the third penalty in that match was poor refereeing. An extremely harsh decision here. Ref has an unbelievable position, shakes his head straight away.

It actually looks worse when slowed down but football isn’t played in slow motion – that’s something that needs to be stopped straight away with slowing down the footage to show on replay. Whilst complaining about VAR I do have to give credit where it is due. Of course I’m going to be biassed here and say the best decision VAR ever made was in the Europa Conference League Final.

Where the Fiorentina player clearly handballs the ball and it gets sent to VAR which gives us a penalty. Resulting in us winning the Conference League. To name a few of the poor decisions that have gone against us in the past would be against Chelsea away last season where it was deemed a foul on Mendy.

Every time I watch it, it annoys me more and more. The passion in our limbs was something else for them to then take it away from us made me so angry. Another favourite of mine is Soucek getting sent off against Fulham in 2021 where he moved his arm.

Mike Dean watched the replay of that more than 30 times to come to the conclusion that it was violent conduct, it’s laughable. Lastly, probably my favourite one of them all is Fabian Balbuena’s red card against Chelsea for kicking the ball and I’m not joking either.

Back in 2021 inside an empty stadium due to Covid, Balbuena received a red card for kicking a ball and touching Chillwell’s calf. It looks a whole lot worse than what it is in slow motion but he literally kicked the ball long and when you kick a ball that long usually your studs are up. It is funny looking back but at the time watching it. It’s infuriating.

I do think the World Cup is where they got it right with VAR. How quickly the decisions were being made, how honest and truthful it felt whilst they were making the decisions and how it didn’t make the game feel like it was dragging on and on. Is that because at the World Cup we had the world’s best officials there? Most probably.

We seem to be the only league in the world who still can’t use VAR and be consistent with it. Hearing this week they are going to trial run a ‘sin bin’ and only captains can approach referees is turning football into rugby.

If we wanted to watch that stuff, we would all just go to Twickenham Stadium. This is football, leave it how it was or don’t touch anything at all. It’s a real shame as a lot of football fans are now falling out of love with the game due to VAR ruining football.

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