‘I hope to never see a repeat of our Carabao Cup defeat at Anfield’

Six thousand fans made the 200-mile mid-week trip to watch Moyes’ Boys clock up two shots on target

Vladimir Coufal (WHU) at the Brentford v West Ham United EPL match, at The G-Tech Stadium, Brentford, London, UK on 4th November, 2023.

I don’t know about you but I’m still not over that hammering up at Anfield last month. We’ve only ever had one win at Anfield in 60 years so you would have thought we’d want to put that stat to bed.

Moyes must’ve been forgetting that we want to be challenging for trophies and clearly had forgotten that the Carabao Cup is in fact a competition where you can win a trophy. And I can completely understand why Moyes’ comments after the Liverpool defeat infuriated many West Ham fans.

Whilst 6,000 West Ham fans made the 200-mile mid-week trip, I was deemed myself lucky to not be able to make it due to other commitments. I can understand the frustration of making a long trip just to see us get knocked out of the cup in an embarrassing performance.

I have done many of them and one that sticks out to me is Wigan in the FA Cup but I won’t bore you with another rant. After the game, David Moyes made comments in the press conference calling out Liverpool fans to teach West Ham a lesson over expectations.

‘I don’t know who the Liverpool supporters are in here. Would you expect us to be challenging for the Champions League? Not many are nodding their heads here. So, that’s the facts.’

David Moyes

West Ham fans took to Twitter to discuss comments like this being made from our own manager. Whilst I do like Moyes and think he has a terrific run coming off the back of beating Tottenham and Arsenal away and beating Manchester United at home, I do think these comments are completely unnecessary.

With having the likes of Brazil’s number 10, who is arguably our best player, do you think he wants to hear our manager say we shouldn’t be challenging for the Champions League? Putting the performance of the Carabao Cup aside, he does know this is the perfect season to challenge for the Champions League, right?

With the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Newcastle all falling down the table and Arsenal and Tottenham likely to follow, we have every right to be calling for us to challenge for the Champions League. Back to the game itself at Anfield. I thought we were lucky to not have conceded 10 to

Jarrod Bowen scored a consolation goal for us but the scoreline reflected the one-sidedness of the contest with Liverpool having 29 shots and us having two. Sky Sports do player ratings on how well they perform one being the worst and 10 being the best.

No one other than Jarrod Bowen received over five. This is shocking. I do wonder sometimes what Moyes’ team talk is in the dressing room to ‘hype’ the boys up for the game.

Does he say: ‘I haven’t won any of my last 19 visits to Anfield so let’s make a new record and make it 20’?
Are the players scared of Liverpool? Showing them too much respect?

We have to remember if Liverpool and West Ham both get through the round of 16 in the Europa League, we could potentially play them. We are in the same European competition as them but we acted like they were Champions League and we were nothing better than a League One side.

It took until the 77th minute where Bowen put the ball in the back of the net to actually have our first shot on target. Did 6,000 fans travelling to support the team that close to Christmas mid-week and it’s freezing cold deserve that? Short answer is no.

We shouldn’t expect to lose away to Liverpool because we have had a tough run of fixtures leading up to the game and afterwards but we definitely should not be conceding five goals in the quarter finals. Whilst I don’t really pay that much attention to possession it seemed in this much to be a lot higher than what I would have predicted.

Liverpool having the most possession with 67% leaving us having 33% which has been a lot lower against teams where we have actually won the game. I hope that in the FA Cup and Europa League, we can actually give it our all and push for another trophy because we have proven that we are capable of doing that.

I want West Ham to put a shift in every game and to not disappoint the travelling fans. You don’t take 6,000 fans away to Liverpool to not only lose 5-1 but to only have two shots throughout 90 minutes. I hope this is a lesson learnt for us but we wouldn’t be West Ham if they don’t do it again.

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