Opposition View: ‘We’re starting to see our stars play for the Forest shirt – it’s refreshing to see…’

We catch up with Nottingham Forest fan Elizabeth Biggs before our Premier League clash

How do you think your season is going so far?

It could be a lot better but it also could be a lot worse. I’m happy we aren’t in the relegation zone at the moment but I want to be comfortable enough to say we aren’t near the relegation zone.

Who’s been a stand out player at Forest so far this season?

Morgan Gibbs-White. He puts his all into every single game. He’s scored two goals and assisted three in 20 appearances but he has been magnificent in covering the pitch both attacking and defensively. His stats don’t reflect on how good of a player he is.

As for Forest, do you agree with the sacking of Steve Cooper?

I’m in two minds about it all. Steve Cooper did an amazing job to get us to the Premier League and had the backing of the board to buy the players he wanted to make our team better. At the time I wasn’t happy with the sacking but it could have been for the better.

Are you happy with his replacement Nuno Santo?

It’s hard to say only a few games after Nuno took over but the players look like they want to play for the shirt and it’s refreshing to see. I just hope this can be kept up until the end of the season and we have another season to play in the Premier League.

Forest have beaten Manchester United and also Newcastle since Nuno took over. Could Steve Cooper have done this?

I think the tactics would’ve been different and whether Cooper’s ones would have worked is unknown. However, I know we would’ve attacked regardless what manager was in charge but it’s all about making the correct decisions and substitutions. I’d like to think he potentially could have beaten them both as I do like Cooper.

What is a successful season for Forest? 

Staying up for sure. It’s difficult when you switch managers halfway through the season because the manager that has been brought in is expected to keep us and win games so if he can do that then it’s successful.

Where do you think you will finish in the table?

Where we are now 15th. I don’t think we have the potential to climb the table with all the other teams around us. It’ll be difficult to get past teams that are flying down the bottom. 

Are you happy that you aren’t paying Lingard’s wages anymore?

Absolutely. Whilst I think signing Lingard at the time was great considering how well he performed at West Ham, we didn’t quite get to see the same ability he provided for you. He made 17 appearances, scored 0 goals and 0 assists. Although he wasn’t great in the Premier League, he got two assists and scored twice to help us reach the League Cup Semi Finals.

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