It’s boom or bust time for our European and league ambitions

This month sees the return of European football at the London Stadium as well as tough Premier League fixtures

David Moyes (West Ham manager) gets the yellow card from Referee Thomas Bramall at the Brentford v West Ham United EPL match, at The G-Tech Stadium, Brentford, London, UK on 4th November, 2023.

This month sees the return of European football at the London Stadium and I cannot wait to see what we can achieve. There’s a part of me that believes we’ll have more than enough to see off Freiburg and hopefully get a favourable draw in the quarter final to give us a great chance of reaching another European semi final.

Then there’s the other part of me that remembers watching us struggle for long periods against our German opposition in the group stages and fears we may get dumped out after disappointing defeats against United, Arsenal and Forest. Should the latter happen, it’ll be interesting to see what Moyes and Sullivan do – if anything – before the end of March.

If our fall in the Premier League continues, and with no other competition interest, then Moyes or Sullivan might feel it’s the right time to part ways. If the club has a replacement lined up, it could give them a couple of months to work with the players before the summer and they’d be under little pressure in the league with no threat of relegation.

But I doubt Sullivan will want to sack Moyes unless he felt it was absolutely necessary, especially with his contract ending soon. To fans of other teams in the Premier League, they must think we’re crazy for even contemplating moving on from Moyes given what he’s achieved.

But the MoyesOut campaign is gathering momentum, and it was difficult to argue against them after a torrid February. It has been tough to watch West Ham but Paqueta is now back in our front three and I’m hoping we’re able to kick on.

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