When will ex players get the chance to have their say to help iron out costly VAR mistakes?

I really am fearful that VAR will cost us a European spot

I have now officially fallen out of love with VAR. It’s taken me longer than most but the Newcastle game was the final straw.

I’ve had their first penalty explained to me a few times but I still think Gordon is in an offside position when the Newcastle player touches it and that’s what that decision should’ve been. Then, Kudus is through on goal, is clearly going to have the legs to beat Burn but is barged over. The ref waves play on, VAR doesn’t appear to check it.

Yet a similar situation in the Chelsea/Burnley game – on the same day – sees a penalty given. I thought – despite a couple of clear cut chances – I felt we were comfortable protecting the 3-1 lead until their award of a second penalty.

I just don’t see how that’s given. If anything, it’s a foul on Phillips with him sticking his leg in his path, from behind. The ref had a clear view of it too. There will be people who praise Gordon for winning both but both times he’s come from behind to nick in front of the player.

For the first, he did enough to get a touch on the ball, I accept that, but he had come from an offside position. For the second he wasn’t in possession. VAR was brought in to improve refereeing decisions, to make sure ‘clear and obvious errors’ aren’t missed, but what we have today isn’t working.

Every week there’s another VAR decision that goes against us but for reasons I don’t follow. I really am fearful that it will cost us a European spot, which will be frustrating.

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