Opposition View: ‘Dawson has been great for Wolves – We understand why West Ham fans raved about him…’

We catch up with Wolves fan Ben Clarke ahead of our Premier League clash

Craig Dawson (WHU) at the Arsenal v West Ham United EPL match, at the Emirates Stadium, London, UK on 11th December, 2021.

How do you think your season is going so far?

Ben: We’re doing well considering how some results haven’t fallen our way due to officiating and just having a bad day in the office. I’m happy with mid table as we could be a lot lower if teams around us weren’t having off games the same as us.

What are your thoughts on Gary O’Neil as Wolves manager?

Ben: I think he’s brilliant. I’m so baffled how Bournemouth got rid of him as he really is a great manager. You can tell he loves his job and is very open and honest in his post match interviews. He calls out what was wrong but also takes the blame when he knows he might have made a mistake. He is a great manager.

Where are you hoping your side will finish this season?

Ben: Anywhere from 10th and above. The gap between 11th and 6th isn’t that big. I think if we can finish above Newcastle that would be great considering how well they did last season.

Wolves have had a tricky time with VAR since the start of the season. Do you think VAR needs to go?

Ben: It happens every week and this season it has just been us at the front of it all. We know it happens every weekend to one team but for some reason it’s been us more or less every weekend. VAR has its benefits but they need to scrap it until they get people using it who understand football. It costs teams points which can result in them getting relegated. Get it gone and bring it back when the officials know how football is played.

Craig Dawson, how is he getting on at Wolves?

Ben: What a solid defender he is. I knew West Ham fans raved about him and I always wondered why but now I know why. He is consistent every game and scores the odd goal every now and then. Thank you for giving us a strong defender.

What were your thoughts on losing Ruben Neves to the Saudi League?

Ben: Obviously gutted. He was a great leader and player for us. One of the most consistent players who has played for Wolves. It’s a shame he has gone to the Saudi League. I would have liked to see him playing in a competitive league but it’s what he wanted so I wish him the best.

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