‘It broke my heart to have such a dilemma over my season ticket’

My seat, Moyes and the price increase has caused me such a quandary over my renewal

In years gone by, renewing my season ticket at West Ham wasn’t even a question. From the moment I got off the waiting list, I’ve had my ticket. When renewals came for the 23/24 season, I was a bit strapped for cash as I had been out of work for a couple of months so had to drop from Band 4 to Band 5.

I didn’t want to but needs must as they say. Well like many, I had the renewal notification come through recently and for the first time, I actually found myself questioning if I should renew my ticket or not. This season has sucked for me. Not only did I not particularly like the seat I had, but I’ve not been enjoying the football that I’ve seen on display.

I enjoyed going more back in the 90’s and 2000’s. West Ham may have been relegated a few times, but I enjoyed the football. I can’t say it’s been that way the last couple of years and especially this season, but I can’t justify paying for my season ticket, especially with these increases.

It’s a 10% rise for Band 5 and to top it off, the 7% interest they are changing if you get the ticket on finance from their own finance company is just outrageous. I’m an emotional person and tend to follow my heart over head. My first reaction on seeing the new prices was a resounding ‘no’.

It broke my heart. I’ve loved this club for so long. Maybe things have just changed too much. My son’s off to university for a few years now so I no longer have him to go with. I even had it suggested to me to renew my season ticket and just let someone else use it in order to keep my place. I was really torn over it.

I’m not rich by any stretch of the imagination, my ticket has always been a treat for myself to do something I enjoy. So, here’s the thing, if I no longer cared, then I’d just be able to walk away. But the fact that it caused me so much thought and stress proved I still care, I’m just not happy.

So, I’ve done it, I renewed for the 24/25 season. I’m hoping I’ll be able to move back to Band 4, if I could get anywhere close to my previous seat that would go a long way to at least improving my matchday experience. As for the football, we don’t know if Moyes will continue with the club following the end of the season.

I can see West Ham offering him a two-year contract, it’s not what I would want but with what has been achieved in recent years, I could understand if the club went this route. We have to remember football is a result-driven sport, and regardless of how Moyes has the team playing, he has been getting results. I can’t deny that he has brought the club their first trophy in my years of supporting West Ham.

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