Opposition View: ‘Teams underestimate Luton’s ability and it’s had a positive effect on how we play…’

We catch up with Luton Town fan Finn Cannon before our Premier League clash

Do you think you will manage to stay up?

I have this strange feeling we will somehow manage to stay up. I think we will be able to catch Forest and by the skin of our teeth, stay up. All our games we play are vital as we are fighting for survival. I just hope we can pull it off.

What are your thoughts about the point deductions happening around you?

It’s frustrating how teams are allowed to constantly get away with it around us. I know we did it in the 2008/2009 season but the game’s evolved massively from then. It would be written in the stars if we manage to stay up by being saved by other teams around us getting point deductions.

Who has been your standout player this season?

Everyone has done amazing this season but Ross Barkley has really shown the type of footballer he is this season. I know he is injury prone but he’s made some game changing tackles and goals throughout this season.

Scoring goals hasn’t been your weakness this season. Are you surprised by that?

Yes, very much so. I thought we might be out of our depth this season with teams having a really strong defence on paper but we haven’t seemed to have struggled in that aspect. It’s more rare that we won’t score a goal rather than we will which is great to see.

Thoughts on your manager Rob Edwards?

He’s a great manager. He gets the club and understands the players. The players seem to love him and the way he always makes the correct change to our squad when needed is great to see. We’ve had a few injuries but he has never been fazed by that. I’m so happy he is our manager.

You got unlucky in games against Villa, United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool where I thought you should’ve won the game. How much has this had an effect on how you play?

We really should’ve got something in those games and it’s annoying that we conceded in the last 10 or 15 minutes in those games. But it just goes to show that teams underestimate our ability. It’s had a positive effect on how we play as we don’t go into the games thinking ‘how many are they going to put past us?’ we think ‘how many can we put past them?’

My personal favourite player for you is Tahith Chong. How important has he been for you?

Chong has had a blinder of a season to be honest. He’s scored some crucial goals for us which has resulted in us winning or drawing the game. He works hard in attack and defence. We all love him as well.

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