Opposition View: ‘Man City love the chase for the title and being under pressure to win games…’

We catch up with Manchester City fan Reece Carter before our Premier League clash

Mohammed Kudus (WHU) at the West Ham United v Manchester City EPL match, at the London Stadium, London, UK on 16th September, 2023.

Do you think you will win the Premier League this season?

I do have faith in us winning the Premier League. We love the chase and having the pressure on us as we know we have to win the games. It’s frustrating as we know Arsenal are on our shoulder all the time but they also have the pressure to win every game as well. However, we have games in hand which I think we will walk away with all three points.

How did it feel to get knocked out of the Champions League?

Devastated. We had the chance to win the treble in back-to-back seasons. We came up against an unbelievable side, Real Madrid. It’s heartbreaking to know that we had the home advantage in the second leg and we just couldn’t seem to get past them. I hope they go on to win it so at least we can say we went out to the winners.

FA Cup or Premier League?

Premier League all day. It would be a dream to win both but if I had to pick one it of course would be the Premier League.

Haaland had an amazing season last year. What was he lacking this season?

He’s picked up a few injuries this season which is a shame and probably why we have dropped points as it’s had an effect on our team.

How did it feel winning the treble?

A feeling like no other. To be able to say you are the best team in the world is incredible and that night in Istanbul I will never forget. It was amazing to pull it off and exactly what dreams are made of.

When do you reckon Pep will go?

It’s a tough one because I thought he was going to go after winning the treble but he stayed which I’m so glad he did. I love Pep and although I never want him to go, all good things must come to an end and I hope he goes after winning the treble again.

The football you play is becoming a big question around the sport. Do you enjoy watching your team play?

I’ve heard people online say the football we play is boring. I get it as I do think we don’t want to embarrass the opposition by scoring five goals in the first half. I’m confused why we don’t do that because sooner or later it will come back and bite us as we will then have been playing too relaxed and concede when we should be 3-0 up. We also try to dribble the ball into the back of the net far too many times which is frustrating to watch.

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