Opposition View: We hear from fans of four other Premier League clubs on West Ham’s season

We caught up with Man City fan Reece Carter, Aston Villa supporter Stuart Southgate, Arsenal fan Nathan Frost, and Luton supporter Finn Cannon to give their view on West Ham’s campaign

Vladimir Coufal (WHU) Jeremy Doku (MC) at the West Ham United v Manchester City EPL match, at the London Stadium, London, UK on 16th September, 2023.

Your thoughts on West Ham’s season? 

Reece: West Ham have done well but not as well as I thought they would. I thought they would finish higher in the table with the squad they have and qualify for Europe again. However, they got far in the Europa league and I would like to see them fighting for that position again next season. 

Stuart: You’ve done really well. You’ve played more games than nearly everyone around you and I think finishing 9th is probably a kick in the teeth for your fans but it’s incredible to see how far you’ve come when only a handful of years ago you were fighting down the bottom. 

Nathan: A decent season for West Ham and probably just about right finishing in 9th. I think you probably wanted to finish higher but the inconsistency of results and losing games where you should’ve won let you down. However, you did pick up points where everyone was against you to get anything so credit where credit is due. 

Finn: They’ve done really well despite not qualifying for Europe again. The team is probably exhausted from the amount of games you’re playing so close together and the travelling to and from other countries. I would’ve loved to have seen you in Europe again next season but there’s always the season after. Well done for the Conference League trophy and hopefully you’ll be back soon.

What player from West Ham would you take? 

Reece: Other than the obvious one being Paqueta, after seeing Kudus play at the Etihad, I would take him. He went round four or five of our players multiple times that game. I think the players were just as shocked as us fans were. You have a fantastic player there.

Stuart: Personally I really like the look of Alvarez. He seems to hold your midfield and be the core of your team, minus Bowen. I would take a winger from you like Kudus and Bowen but we have too many of them ourselves. But Alvarez is a brilliant player. Every time I watch West Ham, he gets stuck in and that’s what we love as football fans. 

Nathan: We’ve already taken Rice so we can’t be that greedy. If I had to take one I’d probably take Kudus. He’s a brilliant player and I think the way he’s able to somehow keep the ball at his feet is mind blowing. Sometimes you think it’s just luck but with him you just know he knows exactly what he is doing. 

Finn: If I had to pick one I’d take Bowen. What a player he has turned out to be. He can score and assist goals. He’s always there to put it in the back of the net and knows what he’s doing when he’s got the ball. He makes great decisions and I just hope that we can find a player like him. 

What are your hopes for next season? 

Reece: To keep on winning the Premier League. We need to keep up this run with winning it now and can’t let it drop. We have to keep fighting as all the teams around us are getting stronger. We go into the so-called ‘easy’ games with that mentality and come out the wrong end. We need to remember this is the best league in the world. 

Stuart: To get as far as we can in the Champions League hopefully we can get out the group stages if we’re dealt with a nice group. But if not, I’d love us to win a trophy whether that be the FA cup, Carabao, or dare I say the Premier League. We’ve proven we’re serious and the squad and manager we have can take us there.

Nathan: To win the Premier League. It’s frustrating that Arsenal have come so close for the past two seasons now but next season I think we will do it. The effort is there but we need to pick up points against City to be able to win the league. 

Finn: To come back to the Premier League. I know it’s a league where all clubs are brilliant, that’s why everyone wants to play in it. But we had some great results against some clubs and we have proven we can beat them. I just hope it’s not too long until we are back. 

Your thoughts on Man City winning the Premier League? 

Reece: It never gets old. It just gets better every time. To do it four on the trot after the season we’ve had, being knocked out of the Champions League, it’s incredible. Especially being able to keep Arsenal’s hands off of it for another season. 

Your thoughts on finishing runners up in the Premier League? 

Nathan: We gave it a good run and I’m happy with the season we have had. It’s always so difficult when you’re chasing one of the best teams in the world or should I say they were chasing us. It’s unfortunate but that’s how the game goes and hopefully next season we can come out on top or at least finish with a trophy. 

Your thoughts on Aston Villa qualifying for Champions League football? 

Stuart: It’s what dreams are made of. To think we could be playing Real Madrid away next season is crazy to me. Aston Villa have worked so hard all season and have really shown us fans and the rest of the league that we can actually push and play Champions League football. 

Your thoughts on Luton being relegated?

Finn: It probably was always going to happen but there’s always that “but what if” hanging over you. We have had some really unlucky results with opposing teams scoring late on in the game. We gave it a good try and we enjoyed ourselves. Just hopefully we will be back.

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