Seven things we have learnt about West Ham women this season

We reflect on a season of transition and looks ahead to the future with hope of success

General view at the West Ham United v Manchester City EPL match, at the London Stadium, London, UK on 16th September, 2023.

The first thing and one of the biggest things that have changed this year is our on growing fan base for the women’s side. Compared to the other teams in London, we have always had one of the smaller fan bases and we rarely ever sold out our stadium.

But this year that has changed massively. Also the fact that the men’s side will not be playing as much on a Sunday, there will be a higher chance we see even more fans at the Chigwell Community Construction Stadium next year. Also by having more fans at the club it allows more money. With that in mind, that links to my second point of having more money put into the club.

Over the last two years we have generated a lot more money which we have used to bring in better players but also change our stadium to the one we are in now to create better atmospheres and experiences and year on year we are starting to see this. The next area is how we are finding ways to interact with the fans to give them more reasons to come down and cheer on the girls when we have needed them the most.

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For example, before many of the home games our injured players have done meet and greets and shirt signings with the fans who have match day tickets. The players and manager have given the fans a very close connection and have given them even more reasons to go back especially for the younger fans. I also believe it has shown the players how many fans are truly connected with our wonderful club.

Through the last four years we have changed manager three times and I believe this hasn’t helped us grow as they have all come in with different styles of play and wanting different players. It seems now as we have given Rehanne Skinner a long contract, we will have her for at least a few years.

The end of the season after she got two transfers windows you could tell how she wants to play and which players fit her model. This has given me hope, going forward, that we will be a lot more successful and hopefully we have another good few transfer windows and keep backing Skinner and we can witness some very good times at West Ham.

The fifth thing I’ve taken away from this season is one thing that needs to change next season is our defensive display. This season we have conceded 45 goals in the league and the league consisted of 22 matches. A lot of our goals came through players being free in the six-yard box.

It didn’t help that we were dealt with many injuries defensively this year but with this in mind we did to sign a few more players in these positions. We need to make sure we sort out these issues going into the 2024/25 season.

On the other side of this we had two great strikers this year with both managing seven goals each and one assist in the league. If we can keep this form and add a few players around them to help create more chances next season, they could both easily be hitting 10 or more goals next year and that will be a huge help in helping us get to where we want to be.

The final point, and one of the best points, is how we are now attracting a higher calibre of players for example these include American World Cup winner, Kristie Mewis, and Australian internationals, Mackenzie Arnold and Katrina Gorry. It just adds to the point that our club is on the way up and if the manager and her team can keep being backed well she can bring in so many world class players.

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