He’s clocked up 200 games in claret and blue but is time running out for our Czech mate?

Is Tomas Soucek’s time as a Hammer coming to an end with Moyes leaving and a new era starting?

Tomas Soucek (WHU) at the West Ham United v Liverpool EPL match, at the London Stadium, London, UK on 27th April, 2024.

With the departure of Declan Rice we saw a glimpse of how high Soucek can play up the pitch and actually have an effect on the game this season. However, it seems that when us fans all spotted the freedom he had, it seemed to all of a sudden stop and now he hasn’t been as high up the pitch as we first thought.

I have an incredible amount of love for both our Czech Republic kings Soucek and Coufal. I think they both work really hard in every game we play. They rarely miss any minutes through injury and always have their name on the starting line-up sheet.

Tomas Soucek has scored six goals for us in the Premier League this season which is on par with how many Rice has scored for Arsenal. Soucek only scored two goals in the Premier League last season so you can see a slight difference in how far up the pitch he is playing to score these.

Soucek has clocked up more than 200 games now for West Ham but it seems to be that some West Ham fans aren’t enjoying watching him play. I remember being at a few games last season and Soucek was getting some abuse thrown at him for being in the starting 11.

All I can say to that is he isn’t the one who gets to pick whether he starts or not so to give the player some abuse was wild to me. He wasn’t going to say no he isn’t going to play because I truly believe he loves this club and gives it his all.

He is one of those players who you will scream for him to be taken off and want someone else on the pitch but you will then see the massive hole it leaves and will be screaming for him to come back on the pitch. It’s a tough one because he is a good player and I know he gives it 100% but we don’t really have any other options on the bench.

Soucek has been known for working hard on the pitch and actually has an average of playing 83 minutes of football. He worked so hard against Leverkusen and was arguably one of the best players on the pitch.

When I saw he was in the starting lineup against Palace I was shocked. Although he is probably the fittest player in our squad by playing every game, I do think he looked absolutely knackered against Palace. Soucek’s best moments this season have probably got to be scoring against Everton and doing the helicopter celebration.

I just laugh every time he does it but that goal against Everton is by far his best goal for West Ham. He caught the ball on the half volley and put it in the top corner. Something about scoring away from home is so much more special and that goal was a brilliant one to score away.

Not only can he score with his head but he can also score a goal on the half volley. I do still think Soucek offers us something in this squad. I actually noticed something when we played Liverpool and when Van Dijk took out Bowen on the half way line the ref played advantage but nothing came from our attack.

The ball went out 30 seconds to a minute later and Soucek ran over to the ref and I presume he said you have to go and talk to him about that tackle as he was pointing to where Bowen got taken out. I think we need more of that in our team. I always say we are far too nice towards the opposition and the officials.

I’m not by any means saying we need to get in their faces and scream but by going over to the ref like the other 100s of players in the league do, mentioning a tackle or incident that happened will help remind the referee. I think Soucek helps this team out massively and although he might’ve dropped off form recently he still offers us the attacking and defensive player he is.

I hope our new manager understands when he needs to have a break because he plays every game for us and he does sometimes either need a break in the starting line up or just a game or two off to help his body recover.

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