Lucy’s Last Word: ‘It’s going to be an interesting to see the remoulding of Moyes’ squad’

We're hoping for more attractive football, a top half finish and probably a decent domestic cup run

David Moyes (West Ham manager) and James Ward-Prowse (WHU) at the West Ham United v Manchester City EPL match, at the London Stadium, London, UK on 16th September, 2023.

If West Ham fans could have a catchphrase, it would probably be: ‘We didn’t do as well as we’d hoped’. We live in expectation every season, but are so often left wanting more. Whether it’s league positions, cup runs or signings, for as long as I’ve been supporting West Ham, we’re just one step behind where we want to be.

This is a big summer coming up for Lopetegui. A small squad was a big issue for the last couple of seasons but there are also players that need to go. We need strengthening defensively, definitely. It was a woeful read to look at the goals against last season, and that was with a ’keeper who could have been player of the season for us.

It’s no small task for a new manager to come in, make a team his own and then live up to the expectations of a board and the fanbase the following season. It’s a shame not to continue our European run into next season – we’d have loved the chance to go to the next level and win the Europa. Surely it’s only a matter of time.

But as the old saying goes, at least we can concentrate on the league. That being said, there have been some highlights from this season – thumping Arsenal in the League Cup, putting in a good shift against Leverkusen, signing James Ward-Prowse. It’s not all been bad.

Having a shake up will be interesting. David Moyes really ended up making this team his own, sometimes against the will of the board and the fans. We’re hoping for more attractive football, a top half finish and probably a decent domestic cup run. I personally can’t see all three being realistic targets, but of course I’d love to be wrong.

This summer, we’ve got the Euros to look forward to. Fingers crossed for Jarrod keeping his place in the squad, but he’s got really stiff competition. He’s been brilliant for us again this season, he deserves the place and he deserved the coveted Hammer of the Year trophy too. We’d be lost without him.

Hopefully the summer competition will be a great shop window for our new manager and a success for European Hammers.

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